There IS a difference. Read on to learn which may be needed for your floors. Still not sure? Call Wood Floor Services so we can help you determine what the best option is for you. 


Refinishing can be one of the simplest ways to prolong the life of your wood floor and protect its beauty for years to come with minimal upkeep. Refinishing involves sanding off the remaining finish down to bare wood and applying the new finish to create a more uniform and protective barrier and is a great opportunity to update the color to suit your style. This is typically done every seven to ten years and is needed to prevent discoloration and other detrimental signs of neglect.

wooden floor sanding with flat sander tool


Resurfacing is for floors that show their age or usage by replacing boards that are too damaged to salvage, grinding down uneven boards, re-enforcing base material, re-nailing and filling boards that have come loose, along with other more time-consuming steps. Once this is done, refinishing can be completed and, if maintained properly, will only need the refinishing down the road (typically every 7-10 years)

Regardless, We are here….

No matter the process needed, Wood Floor Services will walk you through what is recommended and advise you on if resurfacing some or all of the floor in question is necessary. It is not uncommon while walking through that there may be a need for a few resurfacing steps in order to maintain continuity among the floorboards. More importantly we will explain WHY we think this is necessary so you can make an educated decision when hiring us for the project.

If we find during the process that additional steps are needed to ensure longevity of the finished product, we will work with you to find what fits within your budget while keeping with our goal of making sure your floors outlast whatever life brings.

If you have an older home and take pride in the character and history of the home, do not let the thought of having to replace some boards with new ones deter you in fears of losing that charm…. “new” boards do not always mean brand new. Wood Floor Services works with many local companies to get the right replacement pieces for you and will go the extra step needed to ensure you will not be able to point out which board was original to the home and which was replaced.