New Hardwood Floor Installation

Wood Floor Services offers new hardwood floor and stair installations to any homeowner or small commercial client. We provide nail down or floating floor installations as well as stair treads and simple handrail installations.
A floating floor is an engineered floor that either clicks or glues together and can be applied over concrete or in situations where budgets are tight. There are many choices out there but the only ones we use are designed to replicate an actual hardwood floor.
A glue down floor is an engineered or solid hardwood product that is glued directly to a sub-floor or a substrate. If you choose a solid hardwood floor that is five inches or wider, that product needs to be glued as well as nailed. This process can be very costly and time consuming, and there are certain limitations where this is applicable.
The most common wood floor installation is a nail down application over a wooden subfloor. We always use the highest grade vapor and moisture barrier on this application to seal the floor from below, allowing us to properly sand and finish the product from above.
What is typically included in any of these services is delivery of the material for acclimation, jobsite preparation (dust containment where necessary) and the actual install of the chosen material. An initial site visit for an installation typically requires moisture readings and a relative humidity reading and testing of other services such as the electrical, HVAC, and the heating system. We use the best underlayment possible in any situation, because the floor is only as good as the surface below it! All floors are installed to industry standards and attention to detail is the way we treat every install!
What We Do
 Deliver client’s chosen product to the jobsite
 Prepare subflooring for installation of product
 Install the actual hardwood floor using industry and product standards
 Warranty all material supplied by Wood Floor Services
Benefits of New Hardwood Floor Installation
 Client can chose material species
 Stain the floor to get a custom/desired color
 Increase the value of your home
 Make a business more appealing to customers

Complimentary Floor Care Kit given with each completed job.

* Kits are not currently available due to Covid restrictions at the Bona Factory. We will be delivering kits to customers as soon as they are available.