Project Consultations

No one benefits from a project consultation more than the customer. We come to the project site, assess the work needed, and give you our professional suggestions. You get the opportunity to ask questions about the best choices for your project.
A consultation also gives us a chance to see the layout of the home or job-site and discuss the logistics of the Wood Floor Services process. We help you pick the right material to get the results you seek. Material choices range from finish options, to the best flooring to stair tread for your project. At Wood Floor Services we take extra time here to make sure the rest of the project goes smoothly!ou during the consultation.
What We Do
 Meet with you on site
 Discuss the desired results and make suggestions on material choices
 View the layout of the site for the most accurate estimate
 Take moisture readings where necessary
Benefits of a Project Consultation
 Allow us to get an idea of what you want
 Allows you the opportunity to ask questions and get recommendations
 Significantly easier to clean than carpeted floors
 Gives us a chance to get measurements for an accurate estimate
 We can then provide an approximate time frame for your project
Complimentary Floor Care Kit given with each completed job.

* Kits are not currently available due to Covid restrictions at the Bona Factory. We will be delivering kits to customers as soon as they are available.