Wood Floor
Screening & Coating

Wood floor screening and re-coating is very similar to seal-coating your driveway. It is an economical way to improve the look of your hardwood floors and stairs. We apply a new finish over your existing floor finish which will spruce up (no pun intended) the look of your hardwood floors.
We cannot guarantee adhesion in some situations, either because of improper finish application from the company before or contamination of the floors during ownership. We will assess your floors and explain in more detail during an in home consultation. We do our best to inform our clients of the risks and potential problems so they can make an educated decision on their own.

What We Do

 Screen the floors and prep for new coat of finish
 Apply a new coat of finish to your existing hardwood floors
Benefits of Wood Floor Screen and Recoating
 Low cost way to give your floors a fresh look
 Service will usually be completed within one to two business days
Complimentary Floor Care Kit given with each completed job.

* Kits are not currently available due to Covid restrictions at the Bona Factory. We will be delivering kits to customers as soon as they are available.